Pavilion Mont Kiara

Pavilion Mont Kiara is a luxurious condominium development by well known Malton group.

8 Main reasons why Pavilion Mont Kiara!!

Freehold: This suggests that buyers have full ownership of the property and the land it’s built on without a lease.

Low Density: This is often a desirable feature as it implies a more exclusive and private living environment with fewer units.

Premium Luxury Features: The mention of premium luxury features indicates that the condominium is designed to offer a high-end living experience.

Variety of Unit Sizes and Types: With options ranging from 1001sf to 6049sf and various configurations such as 2 rooms, 3 rooms, 4 rooms, dual-key, penthouse, or villa, it caters to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

Private Amenities: The availability of common lifts, private lifts, and even private swimming pools suggests a focus on providing residents with exclusive and convenient facilities.

Strategic Location: The proximity to major locations such as KLCC, Bangsar, PJ, Damansara makes it convenient for residents to access key areas of the city.

Surrounded by Reputable Schools: The presence of top international schools nearby is a significant advantage for families with children.

Mature Township & Community: Being part of a mature township implies that there are established amenities and infrastructure in the surrounding area, contributing to a well-developed community.

Overall, Pavilion Mont Kiara as an upscale and well-rounded living space with a focus on luxury, convenience, and a strategic location. It is a dream home for those seeking a sophisticated and well-connected lifestyle.

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